Learning about Widgets through a book

As you can see, I added a Widget to my blog.  I had no idea what that would do and am blown away at how easy it was. 
I’ve finished reading Stephenie Meyer’s first book "Twilight".  When I went to her website I saw a movie will soon be released.  Went to that website and saw I could add a Widget and Typepad was listed. 
Living with a family who’s roots are from Transylvania I have been fascinated with vampires.  This surprises many of my friends at church.  But, it’s just like any other fantasy story.  Stephenie’s books are charming and very sweet.  Yes, there are bad vampires, but the ones you get to know in "Twilight" are good ones.  Mostly.  I’m not saying another word.  Just go buy the book and read it.

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  1. Yes, so far I’ve read the first two books in that trilogy. They’re sweet vampire stories. LOL Yes, I know, not the typical adjective when describing vampires. I wonder if the movie will match the book at all? I still have to read the last book — it was just released a month or so ago. Cheers!

  2. Annette Swafford says:

    I loved the Twilight series. I read all the books this summer and even went to the Breaking Dawn party. I’m looking forward to the movie. It was fascinating that it was set in the Pacific Northwest!

  3. Lelia says:

    I read Twilight & am planning to get to the second novel in a week or two. I forgot about the movie!!! My three children loved all the books & two of them went to the midnight party for the latest release.

  4. Tina Hart says:

    I am addicted to your dolls and books, and will be digging into your newest book and making a doll here shortly. My hubby and I were at an ocean side resort called Kalaloch, right on the bluff, overlooking the ocean. We’ve recently gotten about a foot of snow, (unusual for us) and wish we were in CA about now. But we’ve been seeing these Twilight books wherever we go!! Now we’re thinking “why are they so popular????”. Driving through Forks, there is even a Twilight shop, stores named after this and that…Dave finally picked up a book and DUH!!!! It’s set in Forks, 30 minutes from the resort. It makes me wonder if there isn’t some sort of history there that the author dug up, we all don’t know about, because, not to burst your bubble, there isn’t anything else in Forks! Other than a neautiful drive through the Pacific Northwest and National Forests.

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