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As soon as I get a response from TypePad I’ll let everyone know.  The "free" pattern I posted didn’t work.  I did everything the way I was suppose to, but when you try to download the pattern it doesn’t come up.  And, someone has hacked into my blog and is asking for your social security number, etc.  Please do not respond to that message.  It is not from me, nor TypePad.

As soon as all is fixed, I’ll be posting here.  It should be within the next few days.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of my recent visit to Wisconsin and Illinois.  I met our daughter, Heidi, in Chicago and we spent a week visiting relatives.  Heidi lives in Brussels, Belgium and flew home for a visit.

This picture is Heidi with our god-children Andrew and Katie.  We are at Allerton Park in central Illinois near my hometown of Bement.  The Sun Singer is a statue Mr. Allerton purchased for his estate grounds in the mid-twenties.  It is a bronze statue that has recently been restored.  He faces the rising sun. 

The photo on the right is the Dying Centaur bronze sculpture.  He’s not been restored and we hope they keep him as is.  Allerton Park was created by Mr. Allerton as his home in a wooded area.  He cleared paths to various pieces of art.  He collected art from all over the world, including Rodin’s Adam.  It is a favorite place for those of us who grew up in the area.

One of the favorite "Medaris" pastimes is putting together jigsaw puzzles.  Heidi helped my Dad and Uncle Duane put together a Thomas Kinkaid puzzle.  His puzzles are beautiful, but difficult.  The two brothers were very happy Heidi came to help finish this one.

The upside of flying on to San Diego is Heidi’s fiance, Raphael, was soon to arrive from Brussels.  Those pictures will be posted here soon.

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  1. Lievin Gnon says:

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    If this is not that JD Culea please ignore.
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    Lievin Gnon

  2. Shawn (Hayes) Jones says:

    Hi – I used to know Shelly and JD well. They lived across the street from us in Golden Valley, MN. My Mom and I would love to reconnect…we’ve been trying to find them. If you can, please give her my email address. Thank you – Shawn and Pam Hayes

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