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Family update

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

I've been negligent in posting photo's of our family.  Janet and Luis sent a wonderful picture of their entire family.

CruzChristmas09 Armando is a Junior in high school and is holding Kieran, who is now 6 years old.  Janet with Kayman, 20 mos. old.  Luis is holding Kayleigh, an active and inquisitive 3 year old.   

Kayleigh recently took the scissors to her hair, which is typical of this age.  Kieran loves Kindergarten and Kayman simply loves hanging out and sticking Blues Clues notes all over the house.  Armando loves football and hopes his senior year brings a winning season.  It is looking good as many of the Juniors developed their talent and will help the team next year.

They still live in Orlando, FL and Luis is now in his 13th year with United Airlines.  Janet's business, Kloset2Kloset is thriving and allowing her to be a stay at home mom.

HeidiRaphaelTummy2 Luis was recently in Brussels, Belgium and took this photo of Heidi and Raphael.  Their baby will arrive sometime in early February.  I hope the baby waits for my arrival around Feb. 3.  I'm going to help with cooking and cleaning and cuddling the newest of our grandchildren.

Yes, that is beautiful snow in the background.  Their first snow in their darling home in Rixensart, a suburb of Brussels.

Heidi will continue teaching at the International School of Brussels until the end of January.  She will then go on maternity leave.

Raphael continues as the top IT man at the school.  His expertise is invaluable to the school.  I just wished he lived closer so he could help me design a whiz-bang blog.  Some day.

Today, December 19, John and I attended a very emotional and patriotic event.  We went to the commissioning of a very special young man as an officer in the Marine Corps. 


The commissioning ceremony was held on the flight deck of the USS Midway.  A retired aircraft carrier that is now a museum in San Diego Harbor.

The photo shows the five Marines, one Navy woman, five Army men and women and three Air Force men ready to be commissioned as officers.

Jeff Janowiec, our friend, is the Marine on the front, far left.


Jeff's wife, Heather, on his left, and his sister had the honor of pinning the 2nd Lt. bars on his shoulders.  Jeff is holding his officers hat, which Heather placed on his head.

JeffCommHeatherHat The military does everything right.  Families are encouraged to be an important part of a young person's career.  Having family members in active roles at a commissioning is just one way our military gets them involved.


During the ceremony each Marine is presented with a Mameluke sword.  This is a tradition going back to the early 1800's when the Marine's won a battle on the "shores of Tripoli".  The prince gave the lieutenant in charge a jeweled sword, similar to the ones the Mameluke tribesmen carried, as a thank you for saving Tripoli. 

Jeff was able to use his for the first time cutting the cake at a reception held in his honor after the commissioning ceremony.

JeffCommSinging After the cake cutting "ceremony" we sang many of Jeff's favorite hymns, gospel songs and Christmas carols.

John and I then came home, rested a bit, then walked across the street for our annual Stargaze Christmas Fire-pit Gathering.  All in all a terrific beginning to the Christmas season.