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How do you make those hands?

Monday, January 25th, 2016

This is the number two question I get.  Number one is how do I do my dolls faces.  That is my most popular workshop, and it is now available at Galli Publishing –

So, how do I do my dolls hands?  First, I trace my own hand on a piece of white printer paper.  I clean it up, getting rid of all the arthritic bumps and lumps.  I then reduce it several times and when I need a hand for a doll I find the proper size and use that.  HandTracedHandsReduced

Really easy.  I also collect hands from friends and family.  Hmmm.  Better restate that.  I trace their hands and then I have different hands for my dolls.  Very easy to do.

The key, though, is to make sure the fingers are spread apart.  If they are too close together then you’ll have a terrible time cutting in between the fingers once they are sewn.  You can see how I spread my fingers apart, so even when the hand is reduced to a smaller size I can still get my two stitches in between each finger.

That is how easy it is.  Have fun collecting hands!